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Preparing for Personalisation - Financial Implications and Opportunities

This event provides business and finance managers an opportunity to explore the financial implications and opportunities that Personalisation presents in this new emerging open market enviroment.


 - To provide a good understanding of Self Directed Support and how this is likely to impact on your organisation with particular emphasis on financial implications and opportunities.

 - To help organisations develop action plans and ‘fit for purpose’ policies and procedures in preparation for self directed support

 - To consider new ways of ‘pricing and marketing’ services

 You will learn

 - Key terms, principles and definitions relating to Self Directed Support

 - Overview of the direction of travel and pace of change

 - Current context - what’s happening around the country:

 - Different ways commissioners and providers are leading, responding to and  implementing SDS

 - How financial practices are likely to change

 - Implications for budgeting, accounting, forecasting and cash flow

 - Marketing and ‘pricing’  services in a ‘direct selling’ market

 - Key issues in preparing to tender for new and existing services


At the end of the day you will have identified a range of key issues and opportunities and developed an initial action plan to support wider business development planning activities and processes.

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