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Refreshed QAF for SP Providers

The refreshed QAF signifies a number of significant changes that all providers and their staff teams are required  to be familiar with and aware of to ensure continued contract compliance and to maintain and improve grading.    This is a practical and informative event that equips staff and managers with the information, knowledge and resources needed to ensure compliance and continue to develop and improve services beyond the QAF.

This event is a core requirement for anyone managing or delivering housing support services funded through the Supporting People Programme.


There are key changes for providers to tackle and staff members to be aware of since QAF Refresh became effective in 2009.   This event will guide you through these changes and provide you with all the information you need to bring your staff team up to date with these changes, update your current working practices, customer information guides, service delivery  policies & procedures, management & monitoring frameworks.


The QAF Refresh requires providers to have Policies and Procedures that are regularly reviewed and are less than three years old   - there have been significant changes in legislation and developing approaches in that time which include the introduction of person centred planning and Child Protection to the QAF framework for example.


If your policies and procedures are not up to date, dont worry, we can help!  SLK has always provided highly QAF compliant Policies & Procedures - give us a call and tell us what you need!


If your staff are competent and experienced in using the QAF, we may be able to deliver this event in one morning or afternoon - we can discuss what will suit you best when you give us a call.






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