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Mental Capacity for SP Providers

No matter what the decision, individuals should be respected and enabled to make their own decisions and maintain control over their own lives.  As a provider, a manager, a staff member or volunteer, you have responsibilities and clear lines of accountability determined by the Mental Capacity Act (as amended) and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards - we will guide you through these changes and explore how these need to be applied practically in your workplace. 

Mental Capacity in our experience is an area that is not  wholey understood amongst support providers.  Hence,  its principles may not be widely known, promoted or applied within housing support services. 


If you manage a team or work directly with vulnerable adults then this event provides core knowledge essential to successfully fulfilling your role and the organisations wider responsibilities.


Managers and staff will be able to ensure due regard is given to the requirements of the Act and that its principles are embedded within a service delivery framework that promotes and adheres to the principles and requirements of the Act, as amended. 


We wont just tell you about it!  During this event you will participate in mental capacity assessment and explore a number of real life case studies to ensure that you are confident and fully equipped to apply your new knowledge and skills in the workplace.



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