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Delivering Enabling Support Services

This is a real opportunity to explore and experience a practical and highly effective approach to enablement & empowerment in a fun and supportive environment.   The day is largely activity based and provides many practical opportunities to overcome barriers, develop skills and practice enabling techniques which empower both staff and customers of adult social care and support services.

This is possibly SLKs favourite event to deliver because of the fun we have as frontline staff and managers begin to FEEL and BE empowering over the course of the day!

We are sure you will leave the event feeling confident and empowered to empower...this is one event that speaks for itself!

"I never realised I did so much for people, no wonder Im stressed out"

"I see how I dont allow clients to learn to do things for themselves, I thought I was helping but I just did things myself because it suited me not them - wow!"

"Learning about all the different ways we deliver support even in the same service was a real eye opener, no wonder clients struggle to understand whats asked of them and know how to engage with us sometimes"

"Im going to start empowering my teenage daughter as soon as I get home, I might event try my new skills on my husband later! Thanks for a fabulous day"

"I havent laughed so much, or learnt so much in one day ever! Just brilliant!  

A number of local authorities in England and Wales have already asked us to deliver this event for the third time again this year.  The energy, fun and enthusiasm this event generates is infectious, so it will be no suprise that this is our favourite event to deliver and one which will always be remembered by all who attend.

We  encourage individual providers who want to book this event to partner up with other providers locally to deliver this event,  helping to ensure that staff and managers who attend benefit from a wide range of views and experiences and lots of different people to practice their new and existing skills on!


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