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training courses

All of our training events are designed to help providers develop new and existing skills. We actively support individuals and organisations to improve, develop and keep pace with changing trends.


An Introduction to Personalisation for Care and Support Providers

Already proving popular with local authorities in England and Wales, you will learn where personalisation came from,  what self directed support and transformation is all about and what this all means for  providers and  customers.   "If I went to just one training event this year....this was the one not to be missed!" 


Preparing for Personalisation - Budget Management for Providers

Senior managers and decision makers attending this event will be well equipped to develop a framework of operation that ensures the business and its workforce is fully prepared to deliver relevent and meaningful services in this changing market place.     


Delivering Enabling Support Services

This is a real opportunity to explore and experience a practical and highly effective approach to enablement & empowerment in a fun and supportive environment.   The day is largely activity based and provides many practical opportunities to overcome barriers, develop skills and practice enabling techniques which empower both staff and customers of adult social care and support services.


Take a look at some of SLKs other available events

We have listed the most popular events that providers and commissioners are asking for right now.  But our customers priorities are changing all the time and we will continue to develop new events that help providers to stay ahead and keep pace with change.    If you dont see what you are looking for in our sample list of events, or are looking for something completely new, give us a call and find out how we can help you.


Mental Capacity for SP Providers

No matter what the decision, individuals should be respected and enabled to make their own decisions and maintain control over their own lives.  As a provider, a manager, a staff member or volunteer, you have responsibilities and clear lines of accountability determined by the Mental Capacity Act (as amended) and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards - we will guide you through these changes and explore how these need to be applied practically in your workplace. 


Refreshed QAF for SP Providers

The refreshed QAF signifies a number of significant changes that all providers and their staff teams are required  to be familiar with and aware of to ensure continued contract compliance and to maintain and improve grading.    This is a practical and informative event that equips staff and managers with the information, knowledge and resources needed to ensure compliance and continue to develop and improve services beyond the QAF.


Presentations, events, workshops, consultations and focus groups designed just for you

At SLK we know that sometimes all you need is someone you can rely on  to meet your deadlines, do the  research, put in the legwork, draft the presentation, organise and manage the meeting, facilitate workshops, consultation activities and awareness raising events.  We can help!  Give us a call and tell us what you need today...


Preparing to Tender in the Voluntary Sector

The aim of this 1 day event is to enable voluntary sector  organisation’s  to develop an understanding of the procurement and commissioning process.  To prepare for the shift from grants to contracts and actively engage with commissioners to tender for new and existing services. 



Preparing for Personalisation - Financial Implications and Opportunities

This event provides business and finance managers an opportunity to explore the financial implications and opportunities that Personalisation presents in this new emerging open market enviroment.



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