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personalisation agenda

Putting People First 2007 sets out the Governments vision of achieving personalisation in public services, to give people choice and control over the services they receive and the way in which they receive them, known widely as the Personalisation Agenda.

SLK is currently working alongside local authorities and service providers to deliver on a wide range of projects driven by the personalisation agenda and transformation of adult social care and support services.

Personalisation Agenda Social CareSLK is proud to offer an holistic service to our customers. We have complimented our team with specialist consultants and personalisation leads who are already established and at the forefront of transforming social care and support services nationally.

We have responded to providers changing needs and expanded our portfolio of products and services to include web design, hosting and online marketing.

SLK is an established business, a name you can trust delivering the services you need, when you need them, at a price you can afford every time.

Whether you want to just keep pace with change or be recognised as a leader and innovator, you need to start preparing for change now.



-You will need to develop new ways of working supported by new systems and processes, develop robust financial management and monitoring practices.

-Identify the real market cost of delivering services in a new more flexible way.

-Establish pricing structures that are open and transparent.

-Develop recruitment and selection practices that meet needs of individual customers and incorporate sub-contracting in and out, spot, sessional or nil hours contracts for example.

-Develop staff skills and knowledge to carry out their new role and support customers in managing and monitoring their own budgets, contracts and payments.

-And last but certainly not least, market your service - brokers, advocacy and advice agencies, families, carers and other supporters and customers need to know what you have to offer and how to do business with you.


Don't put it off any longer, SLK exists to provide the support you need, when you need it. Give us a call and get started today!


We also provide training courses on personalisation:

An Introduction to Personalisation for Care and Support Providers

Preparing for Personalisation - Budget Management for Providers



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